Tricks to Install a WordPress Plugin

Writing a comprehensive guide won't help you unless you share some pictures to guide your readers and we have decided you guide you in a respectable manner. Read our guidelines on different topics especially we have written a trick to Install a WordPress Plugin in Easy Way that would guide you to install wp plugin. Actually, it is very easy by the way, you don't even need to worry about it. Read my articles here.

Don't install too many plugins otherwise, it would create a burden on your website. Try yourself to make your own editing in CSS file if you want to change your design. Content would be highly appreciated if you write a unique and fresh content. Start your own professional blog today and write some amazing tricks to help your users. Definitely, it would take time to crawl and get reasonable traffic worldwide but your attention must be to install wordpress is the most secure platform.

Open your Admin panel (Wordpress)

Click on plugins

Click on ad plugins

Search for your plugin

Install it right now

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